Report a problem

  • Emergencies: call 911
  • Non-emergency information or help from the City of Philadelphia: call 311 or (215) 686-8686 
  • Philadelphia Police Department


Philadelphia Streets Department:  

           Covers: potholes, street defects, pavement markings, street and alley lighting, signage,                traffic signals, sewer inlets/flooding, snow removal, utility covers, registration for                            plumbers and ditches, historical streets restoration program, seasonal paving list,

           street closure permits and street event permit guide

           Phone: (215) 686-5560

           Fax: (215) 686-7812

           Direct Requests



  • Old City District's street cleaning crew regularly removes graffiti from utility poles, parking kiosks, and other public street infrastructure. Old City District staff also patrols the neighborhood to spot graffiti and request removal via 311.
  • You can request graffiti removal from the CLIP team using this online form. You can choose powerwashing or paint-over and the team usually responds to requests within 1-2 weeks.
  • Above first-floor level: call 311 or fill out a form online with the Anti-Grafitti Network



  • For cleanliness issues contact Old City District: (215) 592-7929
  • Individual property owners are responsible for maintenance and of sidewalks adjacent to their buildings. Old City District offers matching grants for sidewalk repairs to District property owners.


Please report any incidence of crime that you observe.  Depending on the type of incident, call the appropriate agency at the numbers below and give a detailed description. 

  •  For serious crime such as robbery, auto theft, assault or another emergency, call 911
  •  For the criminal intelligence unit citizen tip line, call 215-685-1137. You can report any              crime here, and the call and report will be completely confidential. 
  •  For a public nuisance that is not an emergency, call 215-686-5819.
  •  To report an abandoned car call 215-683-2277, or file a form online.