The first Philadelphia brewery was built on Front Street in 1683 by William Frampton. When William Penn visited in 1685, he said of Frampton: "In our great Town there is an able Man, that has set up a large Brew House, in order to furnish the People with good Drink, both there and up and down the River." The tavern touched off a tradition that made Philadelphia the world-class brewing center it still is today.

American Breweries II, by Dale P.Van Wieren

Contributor: Marla Diamond

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The Museum of the American Revolution, which is raising money for its groundbreaking in Old City, recommends the book George Washington: Gentleman Warrior by Stephen Brumwell (London: Quercus, 2012).  "When the Continental Army was formed in 1775, George Washington wasn't the only person being considered to be its leader. In this excerpt from Stephen Brumwell's book, George Washington: Gentleman Warrior, we learn how Washington secured this history-making post: a combination of the esteem he earned from many in power and his own savvy self-positioning as the best man for the job."

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