2021 e-Newsletter Content Guidelines and Schedule Content Guidelines


As part of our ongoing effort to promote Old City among residents and visitors, Old City District sends out a monthly e-newsletter to inform the public of all of the exciting events and promotions that happen here.   


Our goal is to gather the content directly from the source - that means you - and to distribute it regularly to a wider audience. Our e-Newsletters are sent to a growing list of more than 8,000 people. (You can subscribe from the bottom of every major page on the site.)  


e-Newsletters are sent out on the last Friday of each month, to coincide with the following month's First Friday festivities. While First Friday events will be the main focus, we invite you to send us details for any and all upcoming events and special promotions.   


To ensure that as many events as possible can be published in time, please follow these guidelines: 


  • Submit your information only through Submit an Event on our home page (www.oldcitydistrict.org) or at the bottom of any page.


  • E-mailed content or content submitted in other ways will not be included because of the volume of submissions.


  • To be included in the newsletter on the last Friday of each month, submit your content by Tuesday of that week. 


  • Old City District reserves the right to edit any submitted content for length, fit and clarity. Old City District reserves the right to include or omit any submitted content. Preferred file formats for images are .jpg, .png or .gif.