Old City is home to a robust and growing business community, and Old City District is here to support and promote your Old City business! Old City is full of opportunity for current and future businesses, and is home to both a renowned arts district and a burgeoning tech scene. With a growing residential population and an accessible central location, Old City is both highly desirable and competitively priced for businesses looking to locate in the city.


In the sidebar, you will find links to resources such as Old City District publications, available commercial property listings, current and upcoming developments, grants, the Registered Community Organization process, and general neighborhood resources. Please feel free to reach out to Old City District at any time for further information. Our contact information is:


Old City District

231 Market Street

Philadelphia, PA 19106

Office hours: Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM




If your business has any business support or city services questions, or if you are a new business looking to locate in Old City, please contact info@oldcitydistrict.org.


If your business would like to work with Old City District on marketing efforts or participate in one of our events, please contact our Marketing Manager, Gabriella Sacidor, at gabriella.sacidor@oldcitydistrict.org .

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Old City District's service area consists of the neighborhood bounded by Florist Street to the north, Walnut/Dock Streets to the south, Front Street to the east and 6th Street to the west. 

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