Old City District Parking Study 2017

The Old City District commissioned Econsult Solutions, Inc. (ESI) to assess off-street public parking availability in and near the District. This study updates and expands upon a 2015 Philadelphia City Planning Commission (PCPC) study, which measured capacity and occupancy within Center City and Old City as part of a broader study of parking availability. The current study area includes 15 public parking facilities, with more than 3,100 spaces in total. This study can serve as a baseline against which future parking studies can compare.


Recent development has removed several parking facilities with a total of nearly 650 spaces (including public and private spaces) from service, without significant new public parking construction, so the overall supply of public parking has diminished since 2015. We analyzed the number of public parking spaces, and measured occupancy of each facility at three separate times. There were numerous available spaces at all times, though some lots were observed to be filled. Further, traffic counts in Old City have decreased over time, suggesting that the customer base is less car dependent than in previous times. 


The full memo from Econsult can be viewed at the below attachment.