120 N. 3rd Street Philadelphia, PA 19106

Society Hill Kitchens & Custom Interiors is a unique company, which offers innovative contemporary and traditional classically designed products for the modern home. The core of our business is Custom manufactured cabinetry. In addition to custom cabinetry, we offer many other custom manufactured items such as architectural room dividers and designer closet doors.


We are an American company with multigenerational European manufacturing roots. Our focus is on providing custom quality cabinetry at an unbeatable value. At our showroom, we showcase and feature custom Euro Kraft cabinetry (manufactured by our parent company).   Select luxury brands such as Allmilmo, Rutt, Craft Maid, Cucina, Luxor are also available.


Services provided include:


Design, Manufacture/sale and installation of custom Cabinetry, Custom trim, mill work, Architectural room dividers, designer closet , kitchen / bath remodeling  and more.

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