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Mar 3 2018
315 Chestnut Street

What goes into creating delicious charcuterie? Why is honey such a good preservative?


Today we think of charcuterie as a savory specialty, but in the days before refrigeration, it was a necessity. Meat was salted, smoked, and cured to prevent spoilage and waste. Similarly, honey does double duty as a sweet treat and a preservative, with a history going back thousands of years.

We’ve teamed up with Urban Farmer for a tasty afternoon program that will teach you about the process of charcuterie, the history of honey, and the mouthwatering art of food preservation.


Nibbles in the name of research will be provided! 


This program is presented as part of our temporary exhibition Things Fall Apart, which explores the life and afterlife of things—and why we fight to preserve them.


Registration for this event is required. Tickets are $10 per person.


For more information, contact Alexis Pedrick at

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