Report a problem


Emergencies - call 911

Non-emergency information or help from the City of Philadelphia - call 311 (215) 686-8686


Philadelphia Streets Department maintains an excellent website.

           Covers: potholes, street defects, pavement markings, street and alley lighting, signage,                traffic signals, sewer inlets/flooding, snow removal, utility covers, registration for                            plumbers and ditches, historical streets restoration program, seasonal paving list,

           street closure permits and street event permit guide


           Phone: (215) 686-5560
           Fax: (215) 686-7812

           Direct Requests


Graffiti on first floor, along street front

Old City District: (215) 592-7929

Graffiti above first-floor level or off-street frontage

Anti-Graffiti Network

Sidewalk cleanliness

Old City District: (215) 592-7929

Crime reporting

          Emergencies: 911

  • Criminal Intelligence Unit Citizen Tip Line: (215) 685-1137
  • Public nuisance / non-emergency: (215) 686-5819



Project HOME

(215) 232-1984