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Aug 4
30 S. 2nd St. Philadelphia, PA 19106

I am the fool. I have been beyond this dimension. Where there only chaos, and pattern is present. Death of the in-divide-duel. Birth the universal mind into outside time. Separation anxiety can be felt, heard, and seen. These walls have blocked the view. You are me and I am you. A shared experience is happening inside all of us. Deconstruction of the walls that we know. As above, so below. Veiled in a secrecy, soon we will all see. There is nothing left of me. We are the singularity.

You're all invited to a very cosmic and human exhibition-- "BEYOND: Patterns and Chaos". This exhibit will showcase a collection of space and galaxy style paintings created with watercolor and inks that are carefully splattered onto arches paper texture. A nostalgic and somewhat other wordly impressions are made when The Fool created these pieces of art. Recognizing human connection and infinite space is present, ensuring that all walks of life are welcome.

Our delicious little devil, Lil Steph will also make an appearance at this exhibit! She will light up the room with her fiesty burlesque performances that will surely bring you back to earth!

We are excited for you all to join us on August 4th! Wine, fine local art, scandelous burlesque, and a great crowd awaits!

Body Graphics:

Lil Steph:

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