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Oct 6
Nov 3
30 S. 2nd St. Philadelphia, PA 19148
6:30 pm  - 10:30 pm
Alex Eckman-Lawn is a Philadelphia born illustrator who spends his days in the gutter and his nights in the sewer. Alex creates multi-layered, hand-cut, paper collages using everything from his original digital paintings to imagery from old medical texts. Each layer is spaced, creating a depth that draws you into the pieces.  His work has appeared in comic books, on album covers, book covers, T-shirts, music videos, and posters.  His cut paper works have most recently been on display at SCOPE Miami Beach, Art on Paper NY, Paradigm Gallery + Studio, Arch Enemy Arts, Art Dept., Gallery 1988, Crane Arts Ice Box, Bottleneck Gallery, and now Portside Parlor Gallery. He is currently hard at work trying to burn his name into the ground and pull the sun out of the sky.

We are super excited for this one, folks. Alex's work is a must see in person and you won't be disappointed. 

First Friday events: October 6th and November 3rd we will have light refreshments and our fiery burlesque babe, Lil Steph will perform her fiery dance numbers! (estimated start time performances 8:30p and 9:30p).

The BLOODSUCKER exhibit will be displayed at the gallery starting October 6th and will stay until the end of November. All pieces will be available for sale.

*Standard Portside gallery hours: 12pm-10pm everyday

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More First Friday Listings
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