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Jul 15 2020
5:15 pm  - 6:15 pm

The Old City District RCO meets as needed to review zoning applications for projects proposed within our geographic boundaries. The July RCO meeting will occur on remotely on July 15, 2020 at 5:15pm. 


Members of the public who wish to attend the remote meeting must register in advance. For more info, including the meeting agenda and how to register, please visit Old City District's RCO information page.


About the Old City District RCO

The Old City District Registered Community Organization (RCO) provides a public forum to discuss zoning variance applications occurring within the OCD boundary area. RCO meeting attendees who reside within the OCD boundary area have the opportunity to express their opinions by registering a vote of support or opposition for the requested zoning variance or special exception. It is important to note that RCOs are recipients of early notification of zoning appeals and are not given any special privileges before the ZBA. Individual community members and/or organizations are entitled to testify at ZBA hearings or to send letters to the ZBA regardless of RCO status.


To learn more about the RCO process, please visit the City's information page at this link.

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