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Sep 1
Oct 1
45 N. 2nd Street
12:00 pm  - 5:00 pm
Carol Wisker

The 3rd Street Gallery is proud to present a multifaceted program that includes a month long sculptural installation in the Annex Gallery and an evening of poetry and film that will offer visitors a time to reflect upon the inner strength and courage it takes to be migrant and an immigrant.

The condition of human diaspora has existed from the time when we were migrating nomads. Modern day migrations, caused by fear, disease, hunger and war are now rampant throughout our world. Today, none of us are totally secure from becoming part of the diaspora of our time. Question: If you had to flee…what would you leave behind? Children? Parents? Home? Possessions? Culture? Language?


Special Events: Opening on September 1st, Film, Poetry and Conversation September 13, 7pm – 830 pm. Film on immigration running time is 6 min. Exhibition runs Wednesday, Aug 31- Sunday, October 1.

This piece is a part of the 2017 Fringe Festival.
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More First Friday Listings
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