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Sep 10, 2020
Oct 4, 2020
Location TBA
12:00 am  - 12:00 am

“For a long time we were making a show. The show was almost finished but never got made. The show was about a small German boy making a show he couldn’t finish. It was a show about hell that took place in his head. And it was a show about doing nothing in the hell of the world. Every day he keeps trying to make the show.”—Alexandra Tatarsky


Tatarsky was to premiere the latest episode of their ongoing SIGN FELT project this spring as part of High Pressure Fire Service, postponed due to COVID-19. In its place, Tatarsky shares collected and ongoing notes on nothing, collaging narratives of art-making and despair into a deranged meditation on derangement, situated in a public window display. Mood boards for the abyss, Dantean dioramas, and choreographic scores for sad boys: detritus from the show form a durational installation in which Tatarsky continues to rehearse as an ongoing artwork, a window into a show about undoing that couldn’t be done.

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