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Jul 6 2018
321 Chestnut Street
5:30 pm  - 8:30 pm

Join us to kick off the opening of SPACELAB: An Interstellar Exhibit of Glass Art. This is a one-of-a-kind showcase of glass art that explores the great unknown – outer space. You’ll get the very first look at the show, meet featured artists and experience an intimate performance by OOLALA, an intergalactic band “unbound in its cosmological studies of the universe.” This event is free but we suggest a $10 donation to support NLM’s public programming.

About SPACELAB: This collection of artwork examines human relationships with the universe, including space travel; extraterrestrial beings and intergalactic discoveries; the vastness and mystery of space; and much more. The innovative nature of glassmaking makes it the perfect medium for this subject, which has captured imaginations since the dawn of humankind. The featured work ranges from whimsical and mystical to elegant and awe-inspiring.

Work shown by KT Ehrlich, photo by Alex Reyna.

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