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Oct 19
Dec 3
Arden Theatre Company, 40 N. 2nd St., Philadelphia, PA 19106.
7:00 pm  - 2:00 am
 Story by Michael Hollinger & Robert Maggio  
Book & lyrics by Michael Hollinger  
Music by Robert Maggio 
Directed by Emmanuelle Delpech 
October 19 - December 3, 2017
On the Arcadia Stage 

A new musical comedy about love, sex, and the fantasy at the other end of the line… 
It’s 1999, the cusp of a new millennium, and technology promises intimacy as well as anonymity. Christine and her fiancé Justin wander into this titillating world of role-play, secret delights, and shifting identities; but who will they be when they come out again? (And will they recognize themselves?)
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