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Feb 13, 2015
Feb 14, 2015
Philadelpia, PA

February 3, 2015 -- On Valentine’s Day, February 14th, Philly Love Notes, media outlets, bloggers and non-profits, will once again run a day-long #whyilovephilly Twitter campaign to promote love for Philadelphia. Last year’s campaign flooded social media with positivity with approximately 4000 posts, 2000+ users, and almost 9 million impressions. It helped change the negative dialogue about our city on a day created to celebrate and be thankful for what we love.


1. Tweet to followers on February 13th that the campaign will be occurring on Valentine’s Day

2. Tweet during the day of February 14th with why you or your organization loves Philly.

  • Sample tweet: Just saw a 75 year old lady at the gym walking on the treadmill wearing a Chooch jersey. #whyilovephilly (from @bobclewell)

3. Ask your followers to tweet about why they love Philly using the hashtag #whyilovephilly

4. Retweet some of your favorite responses

5. Tweet about (, a website that is a clearinghouse for #whyilovephilly Twitter and Instagram posts.


Philadelphia has received its fair share of negative press. This campaign will help buoy the rising tide of positive sentiment coming from within the city and from previous #whyilovephilly campaigns and parties. Last year, thousands of organizations and individuals participated, causing the hashtag to trend locally and nationally throughout the day. This year, the #whyilovephilly website ( is live, and will serve as the hub for Instagram and Twitter feeds, both on Valentine’s Day and throughout the year.

By coordinating a multi-media collaboration, we will highlight the various reasons why people choose to live and recreate in the city. By becoming a trending topic, we can bring local and national attention to Philadelphia’s positive dialogue.

There are also more reasons to participate:

  • By collaborating across media outlets, the #whyilovephilly campaign will be primed to go viral and become a trending Twitter topic like it did last year. Once trending, it is visible on the Twitter homepage, leading to increased traffic to all participants.
  • Responses will inform participants about how Philadelphians view their city, and can be used to tailor future content decisions.
  • In effect, the campaign will show local and national media outlets just how engaged and excited residents are about their city.


#whyilovephilly is the brainchild of Indy Hall and Young Involved Philadelphia that launched on Valentine’s Day 2011 with the humble mission to spread positivity and pride in Philadelphia. The hashtag has taken on a life of its own, with Philadelphians sharing their love for the city on a daily basis across Twitter and Instagram. The goal of the #whyilovephilly campaign is to create an air of positivity, passion and pride for the city, providing a space where people from around the country and world can witness the tremendous Philadelphia city pride, and connecting like-minded Philadelphians to each other.

Philly Love Notes was started in May 2012 to promote and celebrate Philadelphia in the words of local residents. Since its inception, there have been 200+ love notes written to a variety of locations around the city by residents including journalists, city hall officials, scientists, bloggers, jewelers, executive directors of non-profits, and more. The project has expanded over time to include collaborations with non-profits and syndication in a selection of media outlets.  


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