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Oct 28
Apr 8
141 N 3rd Street
10:00 am  - 5:00 pm

From multi-axis CNC to laser-cut reliefs and digital joinery, this exhibition examines the role technology has played in the work of wood artists over the last twenty years. Moving through junctures where design, mass production, and fine art meet, Wood, Revisited highlights the evolving nature of a medium by investigating the shifting boundaries of technique, the “tech aesthetic,” and the play between designer, engineer, and artist. Curator Anne Carlisle, Advisors Glenn Adamson and Albert LeCoff. 


The exhibition is one of many featured during Craft NOW Philadelphia, and its kickoff event is a symposium presented by the Center and The Clay Studio to explore the intersections of traditional and cutting edge technologies used today in the fields of wood and ceramic arts.


PARTICIPATING ARTISTS AND STUDIOS: Ahmed ElHusseiny, AE Superlab; A. White Workshop; Jérôme Blanc; Wendell Castle; Hunt Clark; Sebastian Errazuriz; Dewey Garrett; Iftah Geva; Cha Jongrye; Yuri Kobayashi; Christopher Kurtz; Joris Laarman; Bud Latven; Tom Loeser; David Nosanchuk; Ontwerpduo; Mike Rea; Gabriel Schama; Adrien Segal; Elisa Strozyk; Klara Varosy

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