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Jun 19, 2015
Jun 21, 2015
137-139 North 2nd Street Philadelphia, PA 19106
9:00 am  - 5:00 pm
Instructors: Rebecca Hutchinson, Graham Hay & Jerry Bennett

A unique collaboration featuring three leading international paperclay artists; this hands-on workshop provides an opportunity for you to explore and experience new approaches to sculptural forms and functional pottery using paper clay and other innovative materials. Together with the instructor’s distinctive perspectives, experiences and techniques, you explore paper clay as a sculptural medium using innovative construction techniques.

 Demonstrations include clay preparation, building techniques for using paper clay (Weaving, dipping absorbent materials, working over armatures, building with paper sandwiched paperclay, slip trailing, working with hard construction utilizing hot wax and stencils for resist,) firing and non-firing options, problem solving related to repair work, rapid working with clay, reducing shrinkage and many other sculptural considerations; all to achieve qualities of translucency, weightlessness and sculptural and experimental building ease.

Participants are encouraged to develop individual ideas and conceptual directions.  The workshop is balanced between demonstrations, special topics presentations and studio construction time.  This material and experimental approach is aesthetically unique and versatile for artists of all ages and feasible within classrooms and studios of all levels and resources.   You receive clay materials and handouts that will provide valuable information about clay and glaze formulas, suppliers, practical applications for clay formulas, both fired and non-fired.
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