PHILADELPHIA - The Streets Department’s 2013 Bagged Leaf and Recycling Program will begin on Monday, November 11 and will run through Friday, December 20. The program is a citywide effort to collect leaves placed curbside in biodegradable bags only. Mechanical leaf collection service is not included in the program.

Follow these tips for bagged leaf collection:
* Leaves will only be collected in biodegradable paper bags. These bags can be processed for recycling along with the leaves. This reduces contamination in the recycling process, and allows crews to work more efficiently and more easily identify your bags as leaves. Leaves set out in other bags or containers may be collected as rubbish.
* Set leaf bags curbside next to trash and recycling on your trash day.
* Leaves placed in plastic bags will be collected as trash, not recycling.
* Do not mix trash or other recyclable materials with bagged leaves. This contaminates leaves and makes them unfit for recycling purposes.
* Use as many bags as needed, maximum 40 lbs. each.
 *The Streets Department does not provide biodegradable bags. Residents may purchase them at their local home improvement stores.
* No collection will occur on a City holiday.
* Bagged leaves may also be taken to any of the three Sanitation Convenience Centers:
              o 3033 S. 63rd Street (63rd & Passyunk Ave.)
              o Domino Lane and Umbria Street
              o State Road and Ashburner Street

The Philly Bagged Leaf and Recycling Program is one of several services provided by the Streets Department to honor the City’s ongoing commitment to recycling. Recycling leaves helps to reduce the amount of materials that reach the waste stream and saves landfill space. During this six-week program, leaves will be collected for composting purposes, like, fertilizing gardens and nourishing trees.

Residents may call the Streets Department’s Customer Affairs Unit at (215) 686-5560; visit us at Call 3-1-1 for all City services.