By Danya Henninger

The Gist: Breakfast cheesesteak. Ok, that belongs in the next paragraph, but it had to be said, because brunch is now a thing at this Old City standby. Go for the laid-back atmosphere and low prices of a shot-and-beer bar (because it is one, really, or was). Stay for the ultrafriendly service and surprisingly chic brew and food options.

Eat This: That breakfast cheesesteak has crumbled bacon mixed in with the beef, plus your choice of American, provolone or Whiz and two perfectly fried eggs. Bacon is ground into the patty for the Breakfast Bacon Burger, which is also topped with an egg (Portland invades!). Each goes for $9.50.

The Scene: Cheers-level regulars will likely envelop one corner of the bar, which is definitely better entertainment than most Saturday morning cartoons. Hightops near the front are airy and bright, and there’s a large dining room in the back if you want more privacy.

Know Before You Go: Want even more bacon? Bacon Bloodies are just $6. Mimosas come in classic and pomegranate and run $5-$6, or get the Italian coffee, which one-ups the Irish version with the sweet combo of Frangelico, Amaretto and whipped cream.

Saturday-Sunday, 11 AM-2 PM, 16 S. 2nd St.; 215-928-9411

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