Best New Workout Class: 

Barre Burn at City Fitness Studio & Training
This infrared-heated barre class will make you feel a range of emotions, from wanting to die when the heat reaches its peak and you’re asked to do yet another round of leg lifts, to warrior-princess-proud when you walk out of the classroom alive and very much feeling the burn.
400 Walnut Street.

Best Free Workout Class: 
Yoga on the Pier
This outdoor seasonal series, helmed by beloved local yogi Malik Wilson, runs every single day and goes beyond anything you’d expect from a free fitness class. Instructions like “Twist your torso toward Camden” are just a bonus.
Race Street Pier, Race Street and North Columbus Boulevard.


With the big move to its beautiful Old City venue, Fringe has, after 18 years, officially been cemented as a Philly arts institution. But that doesn’t mean head honcho Nick Stuccio and crew have strayed from their original mission of bringing cutting-edge artists from around the world to Philly. In fact, they’re doing it better than ever.
140 North Columbus Boulevard.


Ask any first-grader: The show that really took the local theater scene by storm this year was the Arden’s production of Beauty and the Beast. The year before that, it was Sideways Stories from Wayside School; before that, it was Cinderella. The truth is, the Arden always nails it, telling wonderful stories in creative ways, speaking directly to pint-size audience members without dumbing anything down, and stacking the stage with real talent that takes its viewing public seriously. 

40 North 2nd Street.

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