History Buffs 

Explore the Old City historic sites that shaped the American Revolution.  Visit Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, Christ Church, the Betsy Ross House and Elfreth’s Alley. Learn about Washington,  Adams and Jefferson. This site’s Directory, Visitors and Discover sections will suggest destinations for you.

Art & Design Aficionados

The renowned Old City arts district, home to more than 55 art galleries and home décor showrooms, has been designated as one of America’s top ArtPlaces.  The First Friday of every month comes alive in celebration as the galleries open new exhibits, and showrooms display their new lines.  Throngs of people come to appreciate art, shop, dine and enjoy live music on the cobblestone streets of Old City.  


Browse the many indie boutiques -- offering styles from couture and designer to vintage and thrift -- here in Old City, Philadelphia’s most stylish neighborhood.  Why get “malled,” when you can find great selection in an authentic neighborhood with knowledgeable shop owners who love to serve their customers?  After shopping, get coiffed at a top salon, pampered at a spa or indulge in a libation and a great meal at one of many friendly bistros.   


Philadelphia’s restaurant renaissance began here, and Old City’s chef-driven dining experience has never been more exciting.  More than 80 restaurants offer great American fare and international cuisines, from fine dining to Philly’s best cheesesteaks.  Hang out in great coffee shops and cafes, and enjoy delicious ice cream, pastries and confections to live for. 

Executives and Entrepreneurs

Old City is home to a diverse mix of businesses who leverage strong market opportunities: great location and access, a deep talent pool, a lower cost of doing business, cool workspaces and a lifestyle experience valued by employees.  Tech firms, creative agencies and media companies have reached a critical mass here, and contribute to an exciting, collaborative business community. For more information, visit the New Businesses and Businesses pages.

Urban dwellers

Old City residents love living in the same neighborhood as the founding fathers, in a housing mix of historic townhouses, industrial lofts and new condos.  Properties range from luxury custom homes to affordable apartments. Several new properties are being developed in an active construction market.  

Our history is still unfolding

The Delaware River waterfront was the first area of Philadelphia to be settled, with the original European immigrants occupying caves dug into the river banks.  Over the years, Old City developed into a key transportation, industrial, commercial and financial center -- the product of our mid-Colonies location and our advantageous site on the river.  Important shipping and transit hubs, manufacturing operations and wholesale businesses flourished here well into the 20th century. 

As in many other cities, Old City’s modern era began in the 1970s with the arrival of artists of all disciplines - urban pioneers who reclaimed industrial lofts as homes, workspaces, art galleries and performance venues.  Developers, design firms, restaurants, retailers and residents followed over the next three decades, and the district gradually transformed itself into today’s cultural mecca.

The revolutionary events that occurred here over 300 years ago had a great impact around the world.  Today, every visitor, resident and business also owns a small piece of Old City’s more recent revolution.  Come discover the excitement that awaits!