• old city fest 2018

The lineup of Old City restaurants showcases the wide variety of styles and flavors while highlighting some of the best food and drinks. With more than a dozen food vendors setting up shop for the festival, there is something for everyone. (*New to Old City Fest for 2018.)



  • Roast Pork Sandwich - Sautéed Garlic Spinach, and Mahón Cream
  • Tinta Sangria, Red Wine, Orange, Apple, Cinnamon


*The Bourse Food Hall

*Barry’s Buns

  • Large cinnamon rolls, mini bun cup, sticky bun parfaits, crumb cake, pumpkin crumb cake, brownies and chocolate dipped liege waffle with Fall jimmies. 
  • Hot chocolate and coffee 


  • Pork and Chicken Inihaw on a roll, as well the Longanisa dog

*Prescription Chicken

  • Grandma Matzah Ball Soup and Hangover soup 



  • Tuna Springrolls, Edamame Dumplings
  • A cocktail and beer


Buk Chon Korean Cuisine


Continental Restaurant & Martini Bar

  • Cheesesteak Eggrolls
  • A cocktail and beer


Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar

  • Beef Eat-A-Frita  (Organic, Grass-fed beef, Cuban style burger, shoestring fries, King's Hawaiian Roll)
  • Rum Punch  (White rum, lime, orange, pineapple and grenadine)
  • Guarapina (Guarapo (Fresh Sugarcane), Pineapple, Lime)
  • Fresh Coconut (Coconut Water)


The Franklin Fountain

  • Scoops of ice cream in cups and cones (including the Sea Salt Caramel and Pumpkin ice cream), as well as ice cream sandwiches and our keystone-shaped ice cream bars from the Franklin Ice Cream Bar. 


High Street on Market (Community sponsor)


ICI Macarons & Café

  • Macarons (28 flavors, including: Peanut dark chocolate, Lemon, Vanilla white chocolate, Milk & Honey, Raspberry, Mint chocolate, Lemon lavender, Lime & Basil, Salted Caramel, Pistachio, Earl Grey, Matcha green tea, Orange Blossom, Cassis & Mission fig, Mango, Hazelnut Chocolate, Dulce de Leche, Strawberry, Coconut white chocolate, Coffee Mocha, Rose Lychee, Passion Fruit, Cookies & Cream, Almond Praline, Hibiscus Sour Cherry, Honey Lavender)
  • Lavender lemonade, Matcha lemonade, Fresh Ginger Ale


Inspired Brews

  • Gingery (lots of ginger root), Golden (PA apples, star anise, ginger, golden raisins), Midnight (blackberries, vanilla, lemon, activated charcoal), Pumpkin Spice (pumpkin, cinnamon, allspice, clove) 


*JJ Bootleggers

  • BBQ pulled pork sliders
  • Mac and cheese


Khyber Pass Pub

  • Pulled Pork w/ Coleslaw, Vegan BBQ w/ Coleslaw, Baked Mac and Cheese
  • Victory Pilsner, Founders Centennial IPA


Lucha Cartel

  • Quesadillas - Chicken & Mushroom
  • Mahi Mahi Tempura Tacos


 National Mechanics

  • Pork Belly Skewer served on a Fresh Corn Pancake


*Nauti Mermaid Crab House + Piano Bar

  • Crab cake sandwich
  • Nauti Orange Crush, draft beer


*Simply Delicious Snack Bar Dough by NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE®

This year at Old City Fest you can enjoy a new product by Nestlé® Toll House®, a hearty and delicious snack for today’s on-the-go kids and their adults. Come experience the NEW Simply Delicious Snack Bar Dough by NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE®. Enjoy a freshly baked sample of Nestlé® Toll House® new ready-to-bake snack bar dough in 2 flavors – Chocolate Chip with Toasted Oats and Cranberry Walnut with Dark Chocolate. You will also have the chance to play to win awesome prizes such as kitchen essentials, portable speakers, retailer gift cards, and free product coupons!  #snacksimply  


*OCF Coffee House

  • Housemade grab-and-go pastries (cookies, scones, brownies, loafbreads)
  • La Colombe coffee and La Colombe Cold Brew


Old City Coffee (Community sponsor)

  • Old City Coffee's Bollywood Blend Iced Coffee



  • Chicken satay 
  • Korean meatball 
  • Beef bao 
  • Grilled Corn 
  • Thai tea 
  • Thai bubble tea 



  • House Made Everything Pretzel with Mustard Cheese Sauce, and our Hand Made Cheddar & Onion Chips with Grilled Onion Sauce




The Olde Bar

  • Shrimp Roll - Shrimp, Celery, Red Onion, Celery Seed Aioli, NE Split Top Roll
  • Founders Centennial IPA


*Tomo Sushi + Ramen

  • Alaskan sushi roll/ hand roll
  • California sushi roll/ hand roll
  • Vegan tuna sushi roll/ hand roll
  • Shrimp shumai skewer
  • Veggie gyoza


United By Blue

  • pastries and other grab and go items
  • cold brew, drip coffee


For complete festival information, visit oldcitydistrict.org/oldcityfest.