• old city fest 2018

Old City is the city’s hub for artists, makers, galleries and creative industries. Be sure to experience all of the arts and culture the neighborhood has to offer. 


The Center for Art in Wood will present live demos, crafts, and activities for the whole family in front of their large wood doors and inside their gallery.


Come out to watch The Clay Studio's Wheel battles as two artists at a time compete head to head on the potter's wheel in competitions throughout the day!


Sponsored by SUGARCUBE® 

as a part of the Old City Festival 2018


The Impermanent Society of Philadelphia, an artist-run collective that promotes improvisational music and dance performance, has programmed a daylong concert of street performance featuring 10 acts. All performances to take place on the street in front of SUGARCUBE, 124 N. 3rd Street



Performers include:


11:00:00 AM

Mauri Walton, Brad Forbes, and Alpha Alpha Trio

Philadelphia-based artists Mauri Walton, Brad Forbes, and Alpha Alpha combine whimsical performance art with acoustic and electronic sound. 


12:00:00 PM

Victoria & Sneff, Japanese Butoh and Clowning

Philadelphia artists Victoria and Sneff present "Balloon Toe": an experimental combination of the very serious form of Japanese Butoh dance and the hilarious art of Clowning. Both have been known to employ white makeup, but are otherwise quite different. V&S will create goofy, strange, and beautiful moments.

Sneff: http://cactuscave.blogspot.com/

Victoria: http://www.victoriamoyer.com


1:00:00 PM

Jim Strong and Jordan Deal, Duo

Philadelphia-based artists Jim Strong and Jordan Deal present a duo combining electronic music, and sculpture-as-costume. 

Jordan: http://www.instagram.com/jordandealart/ 

Jim: http://jimstrongart.blogspot.com/



2:00:00 PM

Mauri Walton, Solo

Longtime Philadelphia performance artist Mauri Walton captivates with mischief and magic. 



2:30:00 PM

Marina Murayama

Philadelphia-based sound artist, flute and electronics


3:00:00 PM

Leslie Bush, Solo

Rowan University dancer Leslie Bush performs Midden Heap: A midden heap is a trash pit, a compost pile, a site of leftovers. In this performance, she will embody this concept to explore movement that is “left over” from past memory, experience, and feeling.

Promotional clip: http://youtu.be/3T6rMq9RJIs


3:30:00 PM

Stanley Schumacher & Shelly Purdy, Duo

Stanley Schumacher, aka Professor Musikmacher, hails from Bethlehem PA. A brass player, he will be joined by percussionst  Shelly Purdy of Baltimore. Professor Musikmacher delivers lectures designed to eliminate your cognitive confusion.



4:00:00 PM

Vervet Dance Ensemble

Vervet Dance is a Philadelphia-based contemporary dance and music company directed by Loren Groenendaal whose work often includes improvisation. In this performance Loren Groenendaal will be joined Erica Corbo and Wyman Brantley. They will be improvising freely and using structures from their recent durational work, "In the Light," responding to the natural rhythms of earth, art, self, and community.



4:30:00 PM

Erica Corbo and Dan Moser, Duo

Philadelphia musicians Erica Corbo and Dan Moser play a series of improvised piano and bass duets exploring sound, rhythm, harmony, dissonance, unity, and duality.




5:00:00 PM


Philadelphia-based, ambient electronica


For complete festival information, visit oldcitydistrict.org/oldcityfest.