• ocf 2012


Hair salon Barnet Fair will carefully curate a live fashion show, that highlight some of Old City’s most renowned boutiques. Old City has some of the most unique shopping in the city, and it will take center stage at the festival!  Barnet Fair will also provide hair and makeup, featuring the innovation and style the salon is known for. Along with the fashion show we are happy to announce the addition of a live interactive photo shoot. Top photographers are invited to shoot the runways looks and take part in a live editorial photo shoot that will take place on the runway. Festival goers are also encouraged to come and have their photo taken on the runway with the official style exhibit backdrop designed by Barnet Fair and Petit Jardin en Ville.  This is a live interactive photo pop up you won’t want to miss!


For complete festival information, visit oldcitydistrict.org/oldcityfest.