Available Property

45 S Strawberry Street

Office Space
Property Description:

MPN Realty, Inc., is proud to present 45 S. Strawberry Street for sale.The property is located in the Philadelphia neighborhood of Old City, just off Chestnut Street between 2nd Street and Bank Street., and is situated on a 731 SF lot, with a 4-story commercial building of 2,360 SF. A stairwell on the left side of the interior space provides access to all four floors. There are large windows on the front and south side of the building on each floor. The first floor is approximately 460 SF which is divided into two rooms.  Like much of Old City, the property is zoned CMX-3, which is primarily intended to accommodate community and region-serving retail and service uses.

Property detail:
Ground Floor
Approximate Size:
2,909 SF
Sale type: