Downloadable PDF: Vision2026





Philadelphia and Old City continue to grow in population, and Vision2026 is an attempt to embrace this change and shape the future of Old City, setting a vision for optimal private development and a high quality public realm.
Vision2026 began in June 2015 with a community conversation about shaping the future of Old City. The resulting framework plan is the product of an initial phase of input, research, analysis, and consideration of best practices.

The Vision2026 plan supplements the Philadelphia City Planning Commission’s Philadelphia2035 plan and positions Old City to achieve important accomplishments in time for Philadelphia’s 250th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.


Additional Materials:


  •  PDF: Vision2026 June Open House Boards - These boards were on display at the Public Open House on June 23rd at the Arch Street Meeting House. These summarize the preliminary "existing conditions" research that our planners conducted.
  •  PDF: Vision2026 Steering Commitee - The Vision 2026 Streering Committee was comprised of a diverse group of stakeholders from the neighborhood. 


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