Washington at the Battle of Trenton painting by Don Troiani

AmRev Quizzo: Ten Crucial Days! with The American Battlefield Trust (Online)

Join staff from the Museum of the American Revolution and the American Battlefield Trust for online history quizzo as we count down to the “Ten Crucial Days.” General George Washington carried out a series of strategic maneuvers and surprise attacks over the course of 10 days, which brought the Continental Army back from the brink of defeat during the winter of 1776-1777. Aim for victory in this fast-paced trivia challenge with special talks and illustrated questions for Revolutionaries of all ages, inspired by the scenes and secrets of the American Revolution. This free event is presented with Member December, a special thank you to Museum Members, and inspired by the 2021-2022 special exhibition, Liberty: Don Troiani's Paintings of the Revolutionary War.

From fun facts to name-that-artifact, we will present four (4) live rounds of talks and trivia using Mentimeter, a free platform accessed at www.menti.com in any Internet browser. Each household that registers for this event will be able to name their team and play to win the night’s prize. We recommend joining Zoom from a computer and using a second device to access www.menti.com with a special code provided during this event. All instructions will be provided live during this Zoom Webinar event.