Photo by Rebecca Krinke

DAVID RUBIN Land Collective - Rebecca Krinke

Anomaly Field Station
June 2nd - June 23rd, 2023

Set within the gallery and studio space of a Philadelphia landscape architecture practice, a Minnesota tamarack bog shimmers into existence. Blue flowers and black feathers appear - perhaps as “apports," the manifestations of physical objects from an unseen dimension. In 19th century seances, apports were oftentimes flowers, especially ones out of season or place.

The Anomaly Field Station has been set up to observe, study, and enjoy this “anomalous ecological apport." The Field Station both amplifies and questions our practices as artists and landscape architects, including how and why we do what we do, and what we are finding and making on Planet Earth.

As a hybrid artist-designer-teacher-writer, Krinke’s work is fueled by nighttime dreams, daydream intuitions, and unusual experiences. The analytical mind is engaged but often after making; her way of being, creating, and understanding life on earth tip toward engaging the primordial, to exploring the unknown, and to what cannot be said in words. In turn, she offers her art as a catalyst to altered states and anomalous conversations.