Honor guard carrying casket draped with the American flag, with text information about the exhibit

Difficult Journey Home

Join Independence Seaport Museum as we honor the Centennial Anniversary of the American Unknown Soldier from World War I's journey home aboard Cruiser Olympia with the special exhibit, Difficult Journey Home.

Comprised of 11 panels, this installation tells the little-known story of how, on its journey across the Atlantic, Cruiser Olympia's captain, crew, and the Marine Honor Guard attachment aboard risked their lives to ensure the Unknown Soldier be delivered safely to Washington, D.C.

Featuring animation by Drexel University Westphal College of Media Arts & Design and Assistant Teaching Professor Dan Rose, Difficult Journey Home highlights the difficult journey home for the Unknown Soldier and encourages us to ask the question, have we experienced our own difficult journey home in some way, shape, or form?  And, how can we support those who might have gone through a difficult journey currently?

Access to the exhibit is included with general admission.  Click here to purchase your tickets.

To learn more about the transport of the Unknown Soldier, including the selection process, what happened during the difficult journey, and more, click here