Artwork by Saskia Fleishman featuring two moons over a landscape

First Friday at Pentimenti Gallery

First Friday at Pentimenti Gallery featuring artists Kevin Finklea and Saskia Fleishman.


Fall 022

Pentimenti Gallery opens the fall season with a solo exhibition by KEVIN FINKLEA.

In Fall 022, this new collection of objects and works on paper continues to investigate color and form in the way Finklea has from the inception of his art-making practice.

In this new series of works, Finklea’s objects are characterized by saturated hues and distinct contours which are only fully appreciated when viewed from multiple angles. The use of intense colors using acrylic (and iridescent pigment in some of the work) accompanies the deliberately irregular-shaped wooden forms. Each piece is created with exceptional use of materials and attention to detail. Ranging in size, these objects use excess material from previous works and found wood pieces which in turn transcends the history and narrative of the medium used. Where the objects are not painted, the exposed wood grain highlights the weight and solidity of the form. All of these elements combine to question each object’s relationship with mass and space.

The brilliantly colored drawings, Doublevision series, accompany Finklea’s objects as an immediate and fierce use of color and exploration of form. These drawings, acrylic on paper, have a high chroma and contrast in a way that pulls the viewer in.

Kevin Finklea received his BA from Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally at museums and institutions: Artspace Kunstraum Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany; Boecker Contemporary, Heidelberg, Germany; Fiterman Art Center, New York, NY; Saarländishes Künstlerhaus, Saarbrücken, Germany; KNO Lab.Space, Kyiv, Ukraine; Ely House of Contemporary Art, North Haven, CT; Faux Mouvement Center d'Art Contemporain, Metz, France; Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA; Neue Kunstmuseum Aschaffenburg, Aschaffenburg, Germany; Kunstmuseum Ahlen, Ahlen, Germany; Visual Arts Center of NJ, Summit, NJ; Woodmere Art Museum, Philadelphia, PA; 37PK Platform for the Arts, Haarlem, Holland; 2nd Biennial of Non-Objective Art, Pont de Claix, France; among others. His works are found in private and in selected public collections: Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA; Bridgepoint Capital Limited, London, England; Wilmington Trust Fund, New York.

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Light Forms

Pentimenti Gallery opens the fall season with a solo exhibition by SASKIA FLEISHMAN.

Fleishman’s paintings are a unique combination of interpretations of landscape photographs and geometric abstractions derived from the color studies in Josef Albers’, The Interaction of Color. The origin of the photos comes from trips Fleishman has been on recently and her family’s collection of images from the Chesapeake Bay area.

Fleishman’s painting (acrylic and sand on digitally printed chiffon) follows several processes of deconstructing the landscape. These entail flipping sections of the photograph upside down, tilting horizon lines, or cutting out parts of the image entirely. Within her paintings, the colored transparencies are created with chiffon and uniform acrylic paint application. The smoothness of the surface is contrasted by using sand which creates dimensionality in her paintings.

The ceramic sculptures on view in the project room do not conform to a formal structure or shape and are created with spontaneity, unlike the carefully calculated paintings. These vessels mimic landscape and accompany these paintings as natural forms. The silhouettes in her sculptures reference fragments of the natural world such as waves, raindrops, or rocks.

Saskia Fleishman received her BFA from Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI. Her work has been exhibited at Unit London, London, UK; Cheryl Hazan Gallery, New York, NY; Goucher College Rosenberg Gallery, Baltimore, MD; Kates-Ferri Projects, New York, NY; Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, WA; Dinner Gallery, New York, NY; among others. In 2017, she received the Artist Merit Grant from Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT. Her work is in the Fidelity Corporate Art Collection.

For all inquiries, please contact us at [email protected] or +1 215.625.9990.