Iimage from Medicinal Plants: An Illustrated and Descriptive Guide to Plants Indigenous to and Naturalized in the United States, Volume II, by Charles Frederick Millspaugh, 1892

First Friday: Poisons and Panaceas

This First Friday, step into the shadows of medicine and mystery at the grand opening of "Poisons and Panaceas in the Medicine Cabinet," curated by Nandini Subramaniam! 

Be among the first to explore this chilling new exhibit, where the medicine cabinet reveals secrets that linger in the shadows. Discover the intriguing world of poisons and panaceas as we unveil the hidden history of botanical remedies from the 19th century. Join curator Nandini for two highlights tours that dive deep into the stories behind the exhibits, uncovering tales of ancient remedies and mysterious concoctions. 

Test your wits with intriguing matching games that challenge your knowledge of poisons and their antidotes. Craft your botanical handbook to take home, exploring the medicinal properties of plants from a bygone era. Explore a unique library pop-up of herbals and botanical illustrations, then delve into the darker side of history to unravel real-life tales of poisonings and elixirs gone wrong. 

Express your creativity with button making or unwind with coloring activities featuring medicinal plants! You’ll take home a unique creation as a memento from this mesmerizing evening.