FRIEDAcommunity – A closer look: Manuel Hernandez

FRIEDAcommunity – A closer look: Manuel Hernandez

FRIEDAcommunity is proud to announce Manuel Hernandez first solo show and first exhibition in Philadelphia. FRIEDAcommunity will host an opening reception on Friday 6 October, the first Friday in October, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

The artist was born in Iztapalapa, Mexico City, before migrating as a child to the USA. Hernandez paints large-scale works that integrate Aztec mythology, indigenous traditions, and symbolism, with contemporary life. The resulting paintings are shaped like hide paintings and scaled the size of fresco murals, anchoring his work in Native American graphic art traditions, and breaking away from European practices.

Hernandez’s powerful imagery and lexicon contributes to rewriting the History of the colonization of the land we inhabit, known as the USA. Hernandez’ look at the past reconnects the artist with his ancestors and indigenous roots from a Latinx perspective. His allegories of the inspirational brown leaders he finds in the community are a call to indigenous peoples to rise for Truth, Justice, and against racism.

* 100% of the sale proceeds of any artwork during the exhibition go to the artist.
In return, we have asked that selected artists schedule time to engage with our community through a workshop, a demonstration, or a discussion.

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OR Instagram: @ toltecatl_manuel @friedaforgenerations