Indigo Dyeing Workshop

Indigo Dyeing Workshop

Indigo powder is a natural blue dye extracted from the leaves of the indigo plant. Learn about this organic pigment while you create distinctively patterned tea towels and paper. Then, give an item of your own an indigo makeover!

In this workshop, Megan Lawson of Living Breathing Color will guide you through a brief history of indigo dyeing and discuss what makes indigo such a unique dye. Next you will get to experiment with folding and tying techniques to create different dye patterns.

You will receive two dish towels and 3 pieces of paper to indigo dye.

Feel free to bring one of your own items to dye: 
-Indigo dye works best on natural fibers like silk, wool, cotton, linen or hemp. If your item is made from synthetic fabric, it will result in a paler shade of blue. The item you plan to dye should be white or a light color. 
-Some ideas are a button-down shirt, t-shirt or tank, canvas tote bags, pillow case, and throw pillow cover. (Please avoid bringing items like curtains because they are too big for the vat.) Old items with stains are ideal, as the stains can be covered with dye!

This class is 2 hours long with a maximum of 8 participants. (12 years and older)