The photo is of a picnic blanket with paper plates, bamboo napkins, and a picnic basket, sprawled out. The title of the exhibition, "Inside the Picnic Basket", is inside a white box at the top.

Inside the Picnic Basket | group exhibition

JUNE 19 - JULY 20, 2024

Inside the Picnic Basket

Works by: Steven Baris - Michelle Benoit - Edgar Diehl - Kevin Finklea - Kiki Gaffney - Judy Gelles - Mark Khaisman - Ted Larsen - Lauren Mabry - Donald Martiny - Jackie Milad - Raymond Saá - Erik Spehn - Derrick Velasquez - Jan Maarten Voskuil and more.


Get ready to step into a world where art is always in motion! Inside the Picnic Basket promises a unique experience where the only constant is change.

Pentimenti Gallery’s summer exhibition isn’t your typical group show. Featuring a rotating lineup of artists, this exhibition embodies the spirit of creativity and exploration. As artworks leave the gallery and find new homes, new pieces seamlessly take their place, creating an eclectic and dynamic display.

From paintings to works on paper to sculptures, Inside the Picnic Basket offers something for every art lover. Patrons will have the opportunity to discover fresh perspectives and engage with a diverse range of aesthetics and mediums.

No need to wait for the exhibition to conclude; you can take your selected artwork home the same day. Visit often, as artworks may disappear before you see them again.

For all inquiries, please contact us at [email protected] or +1 215.625.9990.

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