Vanderwende's Ice Cream logo with a cow holding an ice cream cone and "Vanderwende's farm fresh ice cream" in text

Vanderwende's Ice Cream Grand Opening

On Wednesday, June 29th, Vanderwende’s Ice Cream – the family-owned, farm-fresh, locally sourced, and widely loved ice cream brand – will officially open the doors of its first Pennsylvania location in Philadelphia. The Delaware-based farm features 32 homemade flavors while delivering Delaware’s finest ice cream to the heart of Philadelphia. Spearheading Vanderwende’s first location out of state, Will Vanderwende, the third-generation owner and youngest of three sons, is bringing the family recipe to new heights this summer. To commemorate this event, Vanderwende’s Ice Cream will host a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at approximately 11:30am.

Since 1954, the Vanderwenede family has owned and operated Vanderwende’s Farms in Bridgeville, Delaware. Committed to quality and consistency, the family and cows work hard every day to create small-batch, homemade ice cream that's farm fresh and full of flavor. Ensuring the utmost quality ice cream is served daily, Vanderwende’s Ice Cream in Old City receives multiple shipments a week directly from the Delaware farm.