Wizarding Axe Throwing Experience @ Kick Axe Philly!

Wizarding Axe Throwing Experience @ Kick Axe Philly!

Wizard Axe Throwing is our newest pop-up – inspired by your favorite wizard. We’ve transformed our ranges into a magic-themed axe-throwing experience designed for fans of the wizarding world and axe-throwing enthusiasts alike.

Spellbinding Sips: Butterscotch Beer & Unicorn Blood Sangria *Non-Alcoholic Butterscotch Beer also available!

DIY Wand Crafting: Wand Painting: Dive into our wand-decorating extravaganza. Grab your brushes, add some sparkle & let your magic take shape!

Enchanting Decor: With magical decor, we’ve transformed our venue ambiance into our most enchanting pop-up experience-themed banners, floating candles, and more.

+ Available Wednesday-Sunday – all day during normal operating hours!
+ Book a date/time through our regular “Book Now” page on our website with no additional costs
+Kiddos ages 8 & up are welcome to throw

For a limited time at Kick Axe Philly! Book now.