Old City Holiday Pass Privacy Policy


The following Privacy Policy applies to the 2022 Old City Holiday Pass. This Holiday pass Privacy Policy supplements the Old City District Privacy Policy available at https://www.oldcitydistrict.org/privacy-policy

By registering for the 2022 Old City Holiday Pass and completing the Registering Form, you will be providing the Old City District (“OCD”) with certain Personal Data. The OCD will share this information with Bandwango, Inc. If the Personal Data is collected using a Google form, this Personal Data will also be shared with Google. The OCD will not sell or share this Personal Data with any other persons or entities.  

Information collected from you is subject to the Old City District Privacy Policy, as well as the Bandwango, Inc. Privacy Policy available at https://www.bandwango.com/privacy-policy. Information that you provide on a Google form is also subject to the Google Privacy Policy, available at https://policies.google.com/privacy. 

The Personal Data OCD collects is used by the OCD to register you for the 2022 Old City Holiday Pass. You will be sent your Holiday Pass by text and email shortly before the Holiday Pass program opens to the public. Also, OCD will contact you in the event that you are selected to win a prize as part of this Holiday Pass program. 

In addition, by registering you elect to receive occasional communication from Old City District and its partners, and to receive news and information about the Holiday Pass program. You may also receive additional communications as authorized in the Old City District Privacy Policy.