Bench by Bradford Woodworking

Bradford Woodworking at Claudia Mills Rugs

Claudia Mills Rugs will be hosting Bradford Woodworking for a Trunk Show from Friday, March 11 - Sunday 13, 11-5pm.

Brad Smith of Bradford Woodworking intentionally tries not to be pigeonholed into an existing furniture design category. He makes furniture that has not been seen before, but still retains some familiarity. That familiarity is gained through the use of good proportions, honest construction and old-fashioned usefulness. His basic concept is to use “off the shelf” parts in ways that were never intended—as elements in the furniture. He often uses Ax handles, pitchforks, disc blades and other farm equipment in his designs, a choice inspired by the farm he lives and works on in Landsdale, PA.

For the trunk show, Bradford Woodworking will be showcasing a range of furniture pieces: stools, benches, tables, along with smaller pieces such as cutting boards and boxes.