Artwork at David Rubin Land Collective

DAVID RUBIN Land Collective - Frank Baseman

Base Press at Land Collective: Letterpress Prints by Frank Baseman is an exhibition of select letterpress prints drawing from the on-going series, “Rebus Quotes & Other Typographic Explorations.” Featured in the exhibition are letterpress prints combining two of Baseman’s favorite long-term interests: rebuses, those words and images coming together to make a visual puzzle (think “I Heart NY” and “America Runs on Dunkin”) — familiar to many of us since childhood when we first encountered them while learning to read — and letterpress printing, a centuries-old method of relief printing. In a playful manner, Baseman has reinterpreted well-known quotes and phrases using rebuses, and this work has been printed by hand using a vintage letterpress. Also on display are several other typographic explorations.