Painting by P.W.Prichett

Mixtape: P.W.Prichett Paintings

“Mixtape”, an exhibition of paintings by P.W.Prichett at the Muse Gallery Philadelphia, is an upbeat and feel-good tribute to the qualities in visual art that parallel music composition: rhythm, harmony, beat, and vibe. Two distinct but connected stylistic approaches are presented together in this solo show. A highly graphic black, & white series of freestyle paintings, with playful shapes reminiscent of marine creatures, insects, or micro organisms are featured alongside a second series of methodically constructed abstract color works, whose quilt-like bands of vibrant hues are built within enigmatic shapes, all on radiant bronze backgrounds.

A unique presentation of the balance between uninhibited outward expression and inward reflection inherent in the creative process.

Fun for all and comes with a music playlist. January 5th through 30th at The Muse Gallery, N 52 street, Center City, Philadelphia. First Friday Artist's Reception January 7th 6:00-8:00 pm.