Artwork titled Nocturne, blue, gray and brown in color, by Agathe Bouton

"The Muse" Opening Reception

Stanek Gallery presents new bodies of work from Agathe Bouton, Roger Chavez, and Katherine Stanek. Bouton's "Vue de la Vitre" series consists of many intimate, abstract landscapes, composed of the artist's monoprints and inspired by the act of looking outside from within. The oil paintings of Chavez are a meditation on form, shadow, and space, each unique and open to interpretation. Stanek's dynamic silk and organza pieces feature the artist's figurative drawings, their delicate and translucent quality replete with mystery and emotion.

Bouton, Chavez, and Stanek bring the notion of the Muse to life. Their works center on the continual study of their subjects, and their creative process is one of constant exploration. Through repetition inspired by a single source, each creation is something fresh and new, influenced by changing atmospheres, states of mind, and their own evolution.