Pentimenti Gallery at Untitled Art Fair

Pentimenti Gallery is thrilled to announce our inaugural participation in Untitled Art Miami Beach!

Selected by a distinguished curatorial panel, Pentimenti Gallery will be at Untitled Art from November 29 to December 4, 2021. The gallery's booth number is B45.

We are excited to exhibit new works by our artists:


My creative practice explores female identity and the coexistence of contradictory elements. Inspired by the folk art traditions of my Pennsylvania Dutch heritage, my work arranges disparate objects in mysterious rooms and ambiguous spaces. By imagining obscure narratives that embrace paradoxes, my paintings aim to delve into questions about the female body, intimacy, and gender roles.


Just as I dreamed of becoming a professional basketball player as a child, I also aspire to participate in the discussion of basketball as a transient, cultural object. In my “basketball blooms” series, the mundane basketball is transformed into a radial symmetric assemblage that comments on the human touch, form, history, community, and place.


I’m very much interested in color and line, shape and pattern and the ability to build a composition. Most recently I have been captivated with the idea of stacked perspective, I often refer to my work as building a composition by stacking pattern and color on top of one another.