Artwork by Philip Cohn

Philip Cohn exhibition

Philip Cohn
April, 2022

98 year old artist, Philip Cohn, studied at both PAFA and The Barnes Foundation in the late 1940’s. In 1949 he was awarded the Cresson European Scholarship for painting which afforded him the opportunity to study abroad. He went on to study traditional Italian painting techniques in Florence, Italy in the 1950’s.

Mr. Cohn’s subject matter has been comprised of “everyday people doing everyday activities,” as he explains it. He creates scenes that viewers can immediately identify with as he also strives to incorporate influences of Italian, French, and Dutch styles of painting. Although he uses these various regions for his inspiration, he ultimately depicts the world from the everyday American experience. His life in Philadelphia, coupled with his international studies, have given him a worldly foundation for his subjects. He is master at portraying the human condition.

Since 1948, Philip Cohn has had many solo and group exhibitions through the years. His work has been exhibited in many local art establishments and He is widely collected both publicly and privately.