“A Portal,” from Gamero’s previous “Pinhole poetry: Windows” series.

"The Power of Experimentation at Elfreth's Alley"

Photographer Dilmar Gamero will be opening his show “Experimentation at Elfreth's Alley” at the Elfreth’s Alley Museum on May 6th, 2022 as part of Old City’s First Friday celebration. Gamero has been producing interesting work on Elfreth’s Alley for several years now—check out his experiments to incorporate historic photos into the Alley’s current appearance using rephotography and stereoscopy. Now he has conceived a series of installations in conversation with historic images and archival materials which record the Alley’s history, posing questions about who is included in these collections and who is not. Gamero uses techniques ranging from the very simple—pinhole photographs—to the complex—videos generated from archival material using artificial intelligence—to produce pieces which explore topics such as child labor, domestic labor and which interrogate patterns of power and privilege.