"The Surrender Collection"

Please join us for an Art Exhibition by Sasha Zeiger, painter and published author For a surrealist interpretation of the story of Moses, one that blends passages from the Book of Exodus with characterizations portrayed in the movie “The Prince of Egypt.” The painting ultimately explore the idea of Brotherhood, Fate, and Duty. Over the summer, Sasha painted a series of paintings that "bring to life" scenes from the movie, as one of her missions when painting is identifying the temporally transcendent elements that are too often deemed antiquated. This consist of 7 paintings that follow the storyline of the movie, ending with Moses receiving the Ten Commandments.
Sasha aims to promote not only philosophical discourse, but also more authentic connections, which She believes is the greatest joy of art. 
Please join us for Opening night Thursday September 1st 5:30-7:30pm Rsvp to [email protected] 
First Friday reception: 5-9pm Shabbat dinner to follow 9pm