Old City District: RFP for Strategic Marketing Plan

Old City District (OCD) seeks proposals from firms with experience in conducting marketing audits, creating marketing strategies, conducting audience research, and developing event proposals for Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), Community Development Corporations, or small non-profit organizations. This Strategic Plan will provide critical information and data that will lay the groundwork for Old City District’s future marketing efforts and decision-making.  

Submission deadline: Friday, July 12, 2024. Please see PDF for full details.


Question: You indicate OC's budget is $50k for the year we're helping to plan for. Is that inclusive of our fee (meaning what you pay this firm comes out of the $50k) or is there a separate budget for the work of this RFP and what is that budget?   
Answer: OCD will have a dedicated budget for work on a Strategic Marketing Plan. That budget, which has yet to be determined, will be separate from the $50k annual marketing operations budget. We are prioritizing finding the best partner fit for this project and are interested in understanding the value of the services provided. OCD has shared our annual marketing operations budget to help contextualize proposals, allowing potential bidders to grasp the scale of our work. 

Additional information on OCD’s entire operating budget can be found on page seven of the 2024-2028 Plan and Budget for Old City District. While OCD can request additional funds for one-time projects like the Strategic Marketing Plan, it is important for potential bidders to understand that we are a small organization with a budget that reflects our size. 


Question: Is OCD likely to pursue grants or matching funds in the future to increase its overall marketing budget/investments going into 2026? 

Answer: OCD has previously applied for grant opportunities for capital improvements and programming. OCD is open to exploring other grant opportunities and has an additional staff member to support grant writing and applications. However, it’s important to note that the marketing plan cannot rely on potential grant funding, as it is not guaranteed, and staff's bandwidth to apply for grants can be limited at times. 


Question: Is the City of Philadelphia Commercial Activity License required with submission of proposal, or can it be provided following award of contract?

Answer: The City of Philadelphia Commercial Activity License can be provided following award of contract; however, it should be noted that OCD will not go under contract until a license is provided.